Why Should You Have Realtor Representation When You Buy   New Construction?

Building and designing a new home can be a fun and rewarding experience. Your end result can be a great long term investment. However, the builders represent themselves and are not always looking out in the best interests of the buyers as we have seen over and over in the past 15 years. Here are five reasons why you should have representation when building a new home:

1 ­ We pay for a series of home inspections for you ­ The builders hire superintendents for each of their neighborhoods and the end result is only as good as the superintendent. There are minimum construction standards that the builders are held accountable to and usually nothing more. Sloppy construction can be another frustrating issue. Having a qualified third party come in to inspect the house at the framing, drywall and final stages are crucial to keeping the building standards higher and helping you get a more quality­built house.
2 ­ It’s important that you know the maximum amount you should pay for the house.Not much is free with the builders normally. The visit to the design center can be an expensive one if you decide to upgrade your features and if decide to add on some extras. Your end result could put you in a negative equity situation at closing. It’s important that you view a comparable market analysis before so you can determine a budget.
3 ­ The new home builder purchase contract is lengthy and much of the time, buyers do not
really know what they are signing. We will be there with you at the contract writing appointment to discuss any question or concerns you may have.
4 ­ We can help you with financing options.Again the builders expect you to use their affiliated lenders. We can look at the lender fees and loan options with you to make sure you are being charged fairly and that you chose the best program.
5 ­ Lot location and resale features ­It is crucial that you make the right lot choice for overall investment purposes. The lot location and exposure is critical for resale value and we can offer suggestions for the best location within the subdivision. Having a professional at your side during the selection process for the interior features is also highly recommended. You may pay too much for a feature that has no value later on or miss an important upgrade that is necessary for resale.

Buyers must know the in’s and out’s of the process before they make the decision to build a new house. We are happy to provide a free consultation and there is no charge to you to have us represent you. The builder pays all real estate fees. We just have to be with you the first time you visit their office.

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